Defeating Diabetes

Defeating Diabetes is a research study launched by Friendship Beyond Borders to solve the diabetes crisis plaguing the Middle East. The Diabetes problem in the middle east has been mostly unexplored within the scientific community which is why we decided to take action. Friendship Beyond Borders is working closely with our research team within the Zaatari Refugee UN Camp, to monitor and implement research methods to lower blood sugar in 300+ refugees. Our main goal is to bring awareness of this issue. We will be monitoring data and implementing our research method so hopefully healthy lifestyle changes are adapted so we can prevent diabetes for the future generation.

International Life Coach Network

The International Life Coaching network is a resource that we provide at Friendship Beyond Borders. We provide free life coaching to whoever students need it. We strive to grow our participants as students, leaders, and citizens; and we want to provide as much as we can for that. To learn more or participate, click the button in the section now!. We also have a library of Life coaching videos for all your general needs! Problems with homework management? Stress levels rising?. Stuck on an issue? For example you just got out of college or you don't know what college you want to go to and you don't know what to do. Use the drop down menu to find the best way to fix a common student issue! If you can’t find any videos that may help you, we provide free life coaching! Please email us at . If you want to see the code of ethics the coaches must abide by, check out the link below. “ “. We also have a library of Life coaching videos for all your general needs! Problems with homework management? Stress levels rising?

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English Education

English Education is a project launched to teach refugee children in Jordan, basic English. Friendship Beyond Borders has launched this project so all students are able to have an optimum learning experience and opportunity to reach their dreams. Friendship Beyond Borders has built and run this program within three educational classroom facilities. Help change the world! Join our cause!

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About the organization

Friendship Beyond Borders is an international nonprofit, created to connect people during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Seeing the isolated state of the world due to lockdowns, we wanted to connect students from all around the globe in order to increase cultural acceptance. Here at Friendship Beyond Borders, we believe in providing opportunities for those less fortunate, which is why we have expanded our services to student life coaching resources, a Refugee English Education program, and a Refugee Childhood Diabetes Prevention Research program.