International Life Coach Network

Friendship Beyond Borders will provide free life coaching sessions to students in need of guidance to a goal. We always want to ensure that we are benefitting and allowing students to grow. Our coaches are all International Life Coach Federation(ICF) certified to ensure quality. We assure you these coaches will give you the proper guidance to your goal. Be ready with the material you need to talk about so you don't waste any time! We are excited to guide you on your amazing life journey.

Self-Guided Life Coaching Video Library

Stuck on an issue? Our International Life Coach network has videos specifically targeting common issues students would face. For any topic suggestions, please contact us at

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Schedule a one on one life coaching session

To schedule a session with one of our certified life coaches, please contact Provide the following information so we can match you up with a life coach that fits your needs.


Your first and last name


Your age and background information about yourself that you would feel comfortable sharing


The goal you want to reach or issue you have been struggling with. Provide some context so that our coaches can come into the session prepared to help you.


Your preferred schedule time for the session as well as your time zone. Understand that you will be sent a zoom link. This will be scheduled according to a compromised schedule, but the time will be more favored toward's the life-coach’s convenience.