Our mission

The Refugee English Education Program was started to help bring opportunity and nurture the dreams of refugee children that have a disadvantaged life. Our mission is to educate refugee children in English, while also providing them an opportunity to learn about different environments and cultures in the world. Our program believes in providing opportunity for everyone, and the first step to that would be through education. Our team has built and run our English Education Program in three educational classroom facilities that are all around Jordan.

Our work

Our team intertwines these two elements of teaching so that we can maximize effectiveness in this educational experience. Friendship Beyond Borders has created an educational system in which native-speaking teachers can go through the curriculum with the refugee children online, while another aid teacher is there in person to translate and guide the children through the learning experience. We have set up three learning classroom facilities in Jordan with installed wifi, electronic resources, books, and in-class worker aids. Our team in Jordan is doing its best to provide opportunity to these children!

Our work

Our program teaches refugee children through a personalized English Curriculum. The English Curriculum consists of basic English, centered around familiarizing English elements through Arabic concepts. It uses fun learning techniques such as songs, basic stories, stations, electronic resource activities and interactive games so that the children can enjoy this learning experience. But we also cover basic letter pronunciation, combining sounds, letter writing, basic vocabulary and english concepts with more traditional learning techniques such as repetition, bookwork, and tests.

How can I help?

You can help our project in many ways! First, you can be an intern yourself! Our project is a great way to get exposure in the educational field, so it is very popular with college students looking for internships. Friendship Beyond Borders puts high emphasis on the quality of education for these refugee children, so there will be an extensive interview and training process. These include checking for qualifications, learning language guidelines, learning how to teach with our English Curriculum system, and much more. We only want the best for our students, so we are expecting the best quality of teaching from our interns. This is a very unique internship opportunity that is not available for most that bring amazing work experience along with exposure to new cultures and world perspectives. Apply using the instructions below! You can also be a fiscal sponsor! Donations go to funding for learning centers, electronic resources, physical educational resources, and internet connections. Anything will help us create the highest quality learning experience for these children.